Please Indulge Our Guesses for Succession‘s ‘Mega-Twist’

The Daily Beast reported that this season has a “twist that will break the internet.” We don’t know when this will be, but color us fucking intrigued!

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Logan Dies

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Logan Dies
Photo: Graeme Hunter/HBO

Is this choice so obvious that it’s almost impossible for a TV writer to make? Yes. Do we think the man who spent a…while in the hospital in season one is the picture of health? No. But imagine Logan dying without finalizing the GoJo deal, while the kids are at war over what they want to do with Waystar Royco? Especially with Connor needing that money to get through the last primary push of the election?? It’s a ticking time bomb, and Logan’s death would give us plenty of fodder to finish out the series. Plus, this family loves an event, and it’d be great to switch it up from weddings to a funeral, for once.

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