Please Welcome to the Stage Sam Elliott, Doing Your Friend Becky's 'Bad Blood'


Sam Elliott’s voice is very distinct in a way that you don’t know whether he’s going to read you a bedtime story or explain exactly why he’s about to execute you at point-blank range. That’s why the veteran actor and star of the upcoming Grandma is the perfect person to do a spoken word rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

The veteran actor stopped by RedEye Chicago to talk about his new movie and was suckered into reading Swift’s latest hit, which sounds just about as awesome as you’d expect coming from a middle-aged man who has killed multiple people in the movies. And, while Elliott was a little worried that Becky and Co. might sue him for saying the words out loud on camera, it’s just as likely she’ll be tweeting this video with “#squad.”

Uproxx suggests we get a few more grizzled dudes to do spoken word covers of the songs on 1989, but I say we just get them to cover the entire thing in earnest for some kind of charity album. If Ryan Adams can do it, there’s no reason that Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis can’t duet “Welcome to New York,” or Helen Mirren do a deadpan “Blank Space.”

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