Police: Port Orchard Murder Scene Matches Disturbing 4Chan Photos


The gruesome photos and comments posted to a 4Chan board of a woman’s nude body bearing strangulation marks across the neck are increasingly looking like they’re authentic. Police are still searching for David Kalac, pictured above, the 33-year-old man suspected of murdering 30-year-old Amber Coplin in Port Orchard, Washington Tuesday. (The Smoking Gun previously identified Coplin by the last name Schraw, which she has also used.)

Now, NBC has obtained details about an affidavit of probable cause filed by Kitsap County police, the document written by officers to obtain an arrest warrant. The affidavit says that the 4Chan photos “matched the deceased female, trauma we observed and the residence interior.”

From NBC:

The filing didn’t report a cause of death, but it said Coplin’s body showed obvious signs of “homicidal trauma” in a scene that matched the graphic images shared anonymously on 4chan. The website is the same forum where hundreds of nude photos of celebrities were posted in August.
Coplin’s driver’s license was beside her head, with the word “dead” scrawled on it, according to investigators. The statement “she killed me first” was written on the bedroom wall, and “bad news” was written on the window blinds, they said.

The killing is believed to have taken place sometime early Tuesday. Investigators said Kalac sent two text messages to a friend around 6 a.m., reading, “Shit is all fucked now. You’ll see me in the news,” and “There will be no more me. ever, You’ll read about it. That’s all.”

Kalac was spotted driving in Portland around 1 a.m. Wednesday but managed to elude police. He is still considered potentially armed and dangerous. If you see him, stay away and call 911.

Update, 3 a.m.:

Kalac was arrested without incident in Wilsonville, Oregon, around 9 p.m. last night, news station KGW is reporting.

KGW also obtained court documents in which Coplin’s 13-year-old son told investigators that Kalac and his mother had a “very loud argument” the night before her death. The son left the following morning without seeing his mother, but assumed she was still asleep.

Mugshot courtesy of Portland Police Bureau via NBC

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