Prada Store Manager In Japan Says She Was Ordered To Fire The "Old, Fat And Ugly"


Maybe the devil is Prada? (Sorry.)

Rina Bovrisse, a manager in Japan who oversaw 500 employees in 50 stores, says that the CEO of Prada Japan, Davide Sesia, made her fire 13 employees he called “old, fat, ugly, disgusting or not having the Prada look.” Another person who didn’t have the “Prada Look”? Bovrisse herself:

Ms Bovrisse alleges that she herself was later summoned to a meeting and informed that Mr Sesia reportedly wanted her to “change her hairstyle, to lose weight” because he was “ashamed of Ms Bovrisse’s ugliness, so he doesn’t want visitors from Italy to see her”.

When Bovrisse complained to the Milan headquarters, she says, she was fired for bringing “negative energy” to the company.

News of the complaint was broken by the Japan Times, which also got a look at the court filings. This is from Sesia’s testimony:

“I don’t want to mention (Bovrisse’s) body shape, but Prada’s customers recognize value in Prada’s brand image and admiration toward Prada, and thus it goes without saying that it is desirable that customers looking at shop employees build admiration to wear Prada products just like Prada shop employees do…. I thought it is necessary to ask Ms. Bovrisse, who supervises shop employees, to make efforts to be a role model, in order to avoid lowering shop employees’ morale.”

In an interview with the Japan Times, Bovrisse said, “My responsibility is to protect hard-working women and make sure their working environment is safe.” As for Prada itself, it has issued the following statement:

‘Besides underlining our serene position and our flat refusal of all the allegations put forward by Ms Bovrisse, we believe it is inappropriate to add any comment regarding this matter whilst the judgment is still pending. After the court’s decision, we will be available to give full explanation about the matter.’

It may just be a translation issue, but I for one am thrilled that they’re serene. Like being skinny, beautiful, and appearing rich, it’s part of the Prada look.

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