Praise Yeezus: Kanye and Kim Engaged After Intimate Stadium Proposal

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are engaged! He proposed to her in an intimate, low key stadium that he rented out for the occasion.

According to E! News, Kanye proposed in AT&T Park with a 15-carat diamond ring; behind him, a 50-piece orchestra played Lana Del Rey‘s “Young and Beautiful” and also “Knock You Down” by Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo, and Kanye (because why would Kanye play music that was not his own music during his proposal). In the background the jumbotron read, poetically, “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” There were also fireworks. Aaaaand all of Kim’s close friends and family members were hiding in the dugouts to rush out and surprise her after she said yes (which she did, duh).

Ok, I know this is the height of conspicuous consumption, poor taste, etc. BUT STILL I am crying a lil’. It was Kim’s 33rd birthday! There was an orchestra playing Lana del Rey! JUMBOTRON.

Congratulations to Kimye. [E!, Us, image via Instagram]

If you’re curious (you are), here’s an Instagram video of the most Instagram video-able proposal setting in human history:

[NY Daily News]

Melissa McCarthy has spoken out on the Elle cover controversy. In case you haven’t been following Coatgate, McCarthy appeared on one of the magazine’s Women in Hollywood covers buried in an oversized coat; this drew criticism from several media outlets who argued that the magazine was hiding her body. Says McCarthy:

“What I found so bizarre is I picked the coat. I grabbed the coat. I covered up. I had a great black dress on but I thought, it comes out in November… I was so sick of summer. I live in Southern California. I was like, ‘Give me a big coat to wear. Give the girl some cashmere!’… They were like, ‘The dress is really great,’ but I was like, ‘Yeah, but look at this.’ I was just shocked I didn’t steal it. Now I think I really should have the coat. I’m petitioning for that coat. Give me that coat. I earned it, damn it!”

Sometimes a woman just really wants a giant coat. [E!]

Katharine McPhee was photographed (~28 times; I looked through the entire slideshow for science but can’t tell girls with brown hair and bangs apart, so I still think that could be anyone) publicly making out with her former Smash director Michael Morris. They’re both married, but McPhee and her husband, producer Nick Cokas, have been separated for six months. There’s likely something going on in Morris’ marriage as well — either it’s ended or it’s an open marriage — otherwise he probably would not be passionately kissing the face of a celebrity in a parking lot. [TMZ]

Oh, good, more pop stars are explaining what feminism means (answer: MISANDRY). The newest singer to get her Women’s Studies Degree from the University of Hard Knocks is Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, whom some of you may know as Zayn Malik‘s fiancee. What Does Feminism Mean To You, Perrie?

Well, “I wouldn’t say we’re feminists: we don’t hate our men,” says Edwards. She continues: “Everyone loves boys. We’re just very passionate about girls sticking together and the sisterhood of things.” Furthermore, “Girls go through a lot more than men — such as periods — and it’s better to stick together instead of bitching and hating. We’re a stronger force.”

Feminism: for when you hate men but also get your period. [ONTD]

  • Lady Gaga and her former assistant Jennifer O’Neill settled their lawsuit out of court. Mother Monster does not pay overtime, as is implied by her nickname. [Billboard]
  • Rihanna had a ritual burning ceremony of Chris Brown‘s letters and gifts because she’s disgusted at his unrepentant attitude, says a friend. GOOD. [Bossip]
  • Lana del Rey is on the cover of Nylon. The prophecy has been fulfilled. [E!]
  • PSA: Lupita Nyong’o is unbelievably beautiful and stylish, and everyone should look at red carpet pictures of her and weep. [ONTD]
  • Here’s a fun game for everyone: play “Where’s Waldo” with the tiny beer that Justin Bieber (WHO IS ONLY 19 YEARS OLD!!!11) is cradling. If only he had held onto his pet monkey that carefully….. Sigh. [ONTD]
  • Nelsan Ellis (LAFAYETTE FROM TRUE BLOOD) has joined the cast of Get On Up, the James Brown biopic. He’ll be playing Bobby Byrd. [Deadline]
  • 50 million people have “liked” Vin Diesel on Facebook, so he posted a shirtless video. Don’t really know what to make of this news. Huh. [People]
  • Did Lady Gaga steal her most recent song from the (possibly made-up) band Dance With the Dead? Or did they both just employ a very generic synth bassline from GarageBand? [Perez Hilton]
  • Chelsea Handler made fun of Reese Witherspoon‘s drunken arrest at the Elle Women in Hollywood awards (very event-appropriate banter?), and Reese was jovial/amused. Handler also made a joke about Reese Witherspoon not having pubic hair, “causing practically everyone in the packed ballroom to howl.” I hope not with laughter. [E!]
  • James Franco does not want to be in Fifty Shades of Grey, probably because he already has his Best Supporting Actor Oscar (for Alien from Spring Breakers) in the bag. [Perez Hilton]
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