Prince Harry Definitely Wanders Around Kensington Palace Warbling Songs from Hamilton 


Picture this: Prince Harry roaming around his corner of Kensington Palace, warbling the lyrics to various songs from Hamilton. Apparently that’s a glimpse inside his and Meghan’s life together!

People reported the pair attended a special West End performance of Hamilton in support of Sentebale, the charity founded by Prince Harry. But apparently it was a repeat: “We saw it back in January, February and thought it was incredible,” said Meghan. “Harry loved it, it was the first time he saw it, and now he can’t stop singing the songs!”

He proceeded to lightly tease the audience with the very beginning of the number “You’ll Be Back,” sung by his ancestor King George to the departing American colonies. My theory is that he sings this to the television every night as they watch the news from America and it drives Meghan up the wall.

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