Prince Harry's Beard Is Back and It's Beautiful 


Something important has happened: Prince Harry has a beard again, and he’s had it for weeks and weeks and he shows no signs of shaving it off.

Harry last grew a beard back in 2013, while on a trip to Antarctica, but reportedly grandma laid down the law and thus we were bereft. So when the ginger scruff reappeared this summer, everybody assumed it was temporary. Vanity Fair remained cautious when remarking upon it back in August. He was on a wildlife conservation trip in Africa; would the beard survive his return to his home shores?

And yet, mid September rolled around and the beard was still hanging on.

It could have been a final hurrah, a last salute to summer. But then he turned up at various World Rugby Cup festivities, scruff intact.

And then—oh, Jesus, then—Harry and Will both decked themselves out in hardhats for an episode of the British reality TV show DIY SOS, to help renovate vets’ homes. And if Queen Elizabeth makes him shave that beard, she should be required to abdicate.

And the beard’s been on a roll ever since, in the public eye and unstoppable. The beard in uniform.

The beard high-fiving some cute children.

The beard charming a reporter.

The Daily Mail reports that it’s also been named the world’s sexiest beard.

It’s almost like Harry is actively campaigning for the beard, drumming up support so that he can’t shave the beard—the damage to the monarchy’s reputation would be simply too great to bear. LET THE MAN KEEP HIS BEARD.

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