Privilege-Denying Dude Knows That "Deep Down" You're Bisexual


We love this new Privilege Denying Dude Tumblr, which is going to sound awfully familiar to our readers, or anyone who’s tried to discuss this stuff. And you can make your own!

“Look, I wasn’t around when all that bad stuff happened,” the “Dude” explains. “All I know is I got to where I am solely by hard work. Discrimination? I’m not going to listen to this. You obviously can’t hear me: my reality is the only reality.” He’s just telling it like it is!

It’s the brainchild of one Diana, who describes herself as “20 years old in Southern California. I try to post on race, feminism, animal rights, atheism, disability, class, gender, and Latin-America.”

Here are some of our favorites, some user-generated.

And our own contribution:


Update: We’ve become aware that the model used in this meme has been insulted in real life because people think he personally endorses the meme. This is not the case. The person is a model and is not related to the messages being communicated here.

Privilege-Denying Dude [Tumblr]
Privilege Denying Dude [MemeGenerator
Jazzonia [Tumblr]

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