Prosecutors Seek Life Sentence As Amanda Knox Appeal Draws To A Close


Amanda Knox is hoping that her conviction for the murder of Meredith Kercher will soon be thrown out due to questionable DNA evidence, but in court yesterday the prosecution asked that her prison sentence be increased from 26 years to life, with six months of daytime isolation.

Prosecutors made a similar request for her co-defendent Raffaele Sollecito, and argued that the experts who testified that the DNA evidence against them was flawed aren’t credible. Prosecutor Manuela Comodi said the forensic professors’ work “has nothing scientific about it,” according to ABC News. She added, “Would you entrust the wedding reception of your only daughter to somebody who knows all the recipes by heart but has never actually cooked?”

One of the most damning pieces of evidence was a bit of Sollecito’s DNA allegedly found on Kercher’s bra clasp. Comodi unveiled a white bra in court and did a demonstration to show how his DNA could have wound up on the clasp during an attack. Though the evidence wasn’t collected until six weeks after the murder, prosecutors say it wasn’t contaminated because it never left the room. The forensic experts pointed out that when it was retrieved, it was passed around by investigators, then stored improperly in a plastic bag.

The case will continue tomorrow when a lawyer for the Kercher family makes his closing arguments. Later in the week the defense will conclude, and the Washington Post reports that Knox is expected to testify. Knox’s family (and incredibly, one very devoted college friend who moved to Perugia to support her) have gathered in preparation for the verdict, which could come as early as October 3.

Amanda Knox Prosecutors Ask Court To Increase Her Sentence To Life In Prison [ABC News]
Friend: Amanda Knox Can’t Eat, Sleep Properly As Verdict In Italian Appeals Trial Approaches [Washington Post]

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