Protesters Are Taking the Fight for Immigrant Rights to Stephen Miller's Terrible Doorstep


A small group protesters gathered in front of White House Adviser Stephen Miller’s Washington apartment on Monday to let him know that he is a total piece of shit who should be ashamed of himself! He wasn’t home to witness the protest, but he is still a total piece of shit who should be ashamed of himself.

USA Today reports that the group—who identified themselves “concerned DC residents”—were there in opposition to the Trump administration’s immigration policy, notably its “zero tolerance” policy which has led to the systematic separation of families seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The group got into it with one irritated building resident, while another showed support for the protestors. But at the end of the day, Miller wasn’t there to witness it: He was on the road with President Trump to South Carolina, where he held a rally in Columbia.

“As long as Stephen Miller and the Trump regime terrorize black and brown communities, penalize immigrants and ban Muslims, they will be met with frequent displays of public anger and moral outrage,” Jesse Rabinowitz, one of the organizers behind the protest, told USA Today.

Miller, said to have had a hand in orchestrating the child separation policy, should probably get used to this public scrutiny. Last week, Miller was called a “fascist” at a DC restaurant, prompting Miller to—as one witness told the New York Post—“scurry away.”

If we’re lucky, Miller will scurry all the way out of DC.

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