Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader, Who Seem to Be Dating, Made it (Red Carpet) Official

Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader, Who Seem to Be Dating, Made it (Red Carpet) Official

Last night, at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood, Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader walked the red carpet together. That might not sound like news, but it is: they just confirmed all the gossip surrounding them to be real. Like, they’re totally an item. For real. The comedy guy and The O.C.’s Summer Roberts are smooching. Clearly, this is a step up from Seth Cohen, but it is my journalistic duty to determine whether or not this is a good partnering. And that begins with fashion.

Here’s their look from Sunday night:


Cute, right? I love an all-black combo; it really looks like they took each other’s tastes into consideration when they got dressed. Bilson is wearing a gorgeous Brock Collection dress complete with sheer bodice; I love every detail save for the corset top. That is a ‘00s fashion staple I would like to see buried with, well, my boxset DVDs of The O.C. Hader is wearing Dior, because he is a fancy man with money actively courting a wonderful woman. (Also, remember when she was linked to Nick Viall from The Bachelor? Hader is so much better. Nick is the worst.)

I will say, their outfits are great and simple, but their body language feels a bit awkward to me. Aren’t these people boning? Have they always posed so robotically on the carpet and I’ve never noticed until right now, when both weirdos are placed hip-to-hip? What position would look more natural and fluid? Perhaps being a little off is what makes them so endearing to me?

Anyway, they look great, and as my colleague Rebecca Fishbein wrote, I too ship this. I think?

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