Racist Stripper's Tweets: 'There's Two Kinds: Blacks and Niggers' [Update]


If you’ve been on the internet at all this morning — and you have, we all have — you’re likely already familiar with the charming Janelle Ambrosia, the racist exotic dancer who hurled racial epithets at a black man for daring to start his car near her children. And now that Ambrosia’s video is spreading like wildfire, she’s taken to her twitter to clear a few things up. Let’s get to know her, shall we?

First, here’s the video. Be warned that it contains a lot of graphic language and the question “do you even know how many cops I’ve stripped for?” which sounds like the worst beginning to a word problem.

And now a few things you should know about Janelle gleaned from her twitter account. For anyone wondering whether the account is legitimate, it was created in 2012 and was used sporadically until today when it exploded.

Speaking of which…

Today is Janelle Ambrosia’s favorite day!

Almost as good as Taco Tuesday but not as good as Fuck Minorities Friday!

She’s not cool with dating black guys.

🙁 🙁 🙁

But she’s kinda sorry for being racist so she’ll promote your mixtape?

People are sending links to their mixtapes. Why?

And now let’s hit every space on the “I’m not racist” bingo card.

She has black friends so everything’s cool, you guys.

The following tweet presented without comment (only GIFs):

She’s actually not that sorry about being a racist because she’s honest about it.

And as we know, honesty is valued above all else. (Which is why I constantly tell my grandma that she can’t dress for shit.) (Sorry, grandma, just being honest.)

And just so we’re clear, #notallblackpeople:

And if you disagree with her:

Literally the shitty cherry on top of a shitty racism sundae.

The worst part about this entire mess is that instead of recognizing that she’s done something wrong, Janelle Ambrosia has doubled down and now that MTV has contacted her (according to her latest tweet) it’s unlikely that she will learn anything from her behavior or this experience. But you know, she’s in titled to her own opinion.

Update: The account purported to belong to Janelle Ambrosia has tweeted that it is a parody. Considering how consistent the tweets were to Ambrosia’s now-deleted Facebook page, it’s hard to tell where the racism ends and the parody tweets begin.

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