Radio Station Gives Away Shiny New Pair Of Breasts


In a bizarre promotion, a Hawaii radio station is giving away one pair of free breast implants. To enter, listeners must send in a picture of their current breasts.

Not naked, mind you. According to the website of 102.7 Da Bomb, “Images containing nudity will automatically be disqualified.” So basically, you send in a photo of your clothed boobs, then Da Bomb will “turn it over to Hawaii to vote on who they think deserves to win the $7,500.00 cosmetic breast enhancement procedure courtesy of Aesthetica Plastic & Laser Surgery Center! The photo with the most votes wins!”

We really wonder how the voting’s going to work here. Are listeners going to vote for the best-looking breasts? In that case, would the winner still want implants? After all, her breasts just won a contest. On the flip side, voting for the worst-looking breasts, or those most in need of surgical attention, just seems cruel.

What’s even weirder is that this isn’t the first breast implant contest. In 2009, Denver radio station KRFX-FM held a similar competition in honor of Mother’s Day. The guidelines:

All entries should include your name, address, telephone number(s), date of birth, a full body and/or face photo, and a short essay (100 words or less) stating why your desired results from a cosmetic procedure(s).

Again, listeners apparently voted. The contest announcement included the caveat, “Certain health requirements are necessary to be a surgical candidate. The winner must be pre-approved for the surgical procedure(s) by the sponsoring physician(s).” It’s nice to know that at least in this case, the radio station and affiliated plastic surgery practice wouldn’t give implants to someone for whom they were medically counterindicated. Still, it’s probably a good rule of thumb that a major medical procedure isn’t something you should win from a radio station.

Da Breast Summer Ever 2011 [102.7 Da Bomb]

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