Rami Malek Took a Tumble at the Oscars, But He's Okay!

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Rami Malek, a handsome man with an even handsome-er twin brother (who has, I’m sorry to report, a nearly identical name as Rami), won the Oscar for Best Actor on Sunday night, and after an emotional acceptance speech, had a small fall on his way back to his seat. The moment wasn’t broadcast, but it was captured by photographers. While it looks like Malek fell off the stage (and that would have made for a juicier, more shareable story), he reportedly fell somewhere around the front row.

Malek was moved backstage and seen by paramedics, and thankfully, he is reportedly okay. This is where I will not be making a joke about who, if anyone, is a champion, my friends.

[Page Six]

Beret icon Spike Lee was so upset about Green Book winning the Oscar for Best Picture that he tried to leave the building, which only makes me admire him more. An Associated Press reporter spotted Lee and tweeted that the director was “waving his arms in disgust and appearing to try to storm out of the Dolby Theatre before he was stopped at the doors.” Lee eventually returned to his seat. Can you imagine having the gall to tell Spike Lee what to do? In the year of our lord 2019? I cannot!

Lee seemed in better spirits, or at least was joking his way through it, afterwards talking to reporters. “Let me take another sip,” he said, holding his champagne flute, when he was asked about Green Book’s win. “Next question!” But later he reminded folks that this shit has happened before. In 1990, Lee’s Do the Right Thing lost in the Best Screenplay category to Driving Miss Daisy, another feel-good race movie for and by white people. “Every time somebody’s driving somebody, I lose,” he told reporters.

[The Wrap]

Elsewhere at the Oscars, James McAvoy had a bunch of people sign his shirt for charity and took this selfie! Why that face!!

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