"Rapest" Tattooers Going To Prison


The bizarre story of the two men and two women who forcibly tattooed a man with “Rapest” and “I like little boys” has come to end, and the men are getting the toughest sentences.

According to The Oklahoman, two men, Richard “Buddha” Lynn Dellert and Zachary “Texas” Chase Provence, were sentenced to 10 years in prison, while two women involved in the attack, Kimberly Sue “Luckie” Vergara and Lorena Amanda Hodges got only five. They confessed to beating 18-year-old Stetson Johnson with a baseball bat, tasering his genitals, and leaving him for dead. Also: Tattooing “rapest” on his forehead and “I like little boys” on his chest. (He got a barcode over the tattoo on his forehead but will have all the tattoos removed. And yes, the attackers didn’t know how to spell “rapist.”)

The men got tougher sentences because they actually did the tattooing and baseball bat swinging.

Although initial reports didn’t specify a motive, one later emerged:

Hodges told police they tattooed Johnson because he tried to have sex with her at her house while she slept, according to police reports. She told police she allowed him to sleep in her bed but only as friends. She called the tattooing payback, admitting to police that she slapped the “RAPEST” tattoo with her hand to set it, police reported…Prosecutors and police have said there is no evidence to support Hodge’s claim.

What sort of evidence would there be apart from one person’s account against another’s? Not that we’d endorse forcible tattooing and brutal assault in any case.

Here’s an interview with the victim from last month.

4 Sentenced To Prison After Admitting To Tattooing “RAPEST” On Oklahoma City Man’s Forehead [News OK]

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