Reader Roundup


Okay ladies, we have one Bestie today:

From Tatiana’s Vogue post: “Highlights for Kids has also gotten pretty hoity-toity of late, with articles about the following topics:

– a seven year old’s heart wrenching account about how he feels “violated” because his mother ate his placenta rather than saving it for his consumption; he fears the issue will never be resolved and will ultimately tear him and his family apart

– an FAO Schwartz pre-Christmas photo shoot clearly featuring lines of Pixie Sticks on a glass surface in the background

– a fictional account of one 4 year old and his best friend Robbely Bear on a nationwide search for the perfect otoro sashimi

– the “Seek and Find” recently encouraged readers to locate keys to a Bentley Big Wheel, a diamond studded African tribal “inspired” pacifier from DeBeers, and Suri Cruise’s underpants.

Ad revenue is down 54%.”

You say: “Goofus does lines of coke off a stripper’s boobs. Gallant drinks coke with a lady friend.”

Image via Oh My God! I Miss You!

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