Reader Roundup: How To Match Your Wedding Gown To Your College Major


The weekend is here, and so are today’s best comments!

Best Comment Of The Day in response to It’s Official: Going To College Will Not Make You A Miserable Spinster:

Excuse me, I must now go make a bazillion dollars by creating multiple Weddings for College Graduates! themed magazines.
It’ll be a hit. I can see them now:
“Floral Arrangements for those Wanting to Say ‘Hey, I Majored in Anthropology!’ “
“A Perfect Wedding AND A Perfect Thesis? Yes You Can!”
“How to Get the Best Champagne on a ‘Fuck I’m Paying off $120,000 of Debt” Budget!’ “
“Disguise That Perpetually Craned Neck You Received From All Night Study Sessions With Our Special Elizabethan Collar!”

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Doctors Let Woman Die Rather Than Harm Her Fetus:

So rather than save her life, they chose to let BOTH of them die? Where is the logic in that? And don’t give me the “in God’s hands” crap. If we truly believed that when it came to medicine, doctors wouldn’t exist at all. We’d just leave it up to God to decide if we got better or not. As someone downthread pointed out, the logic in letting two innocent lives end rather than being able to save one is completely wrong. We have doctors for a reason: they’re supposed to help us.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Can You Believe Project Runway Last Night:

In terms of genuine fashion artistry, this season’s Project Runway on Lifetime is channeling a caffeine jittery Maxxinista, buying odd smelling soy candles from the impulse bin she doesn’t really need before she arrives at the register to purchase an off brand of leggings in which the before price is extremely questionable because no other store in the Tri-state area from Bergdorff Goodman to Conway’s actually carries such a janky brand and the very notion of such blatantly dishonest marketing inspires the contemplation of using the leggings to fashion a noose in which to fully avoid the consciousness of this world.
I miss Bravo, but take some solace in guiltily enjoying the commercials of Malcolm in the Middle’s mother yelling “he hit you” at her troubled daughter.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s New GMA Gig:

She is a contractor in the Mommy Wars Division of Halliburton.

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