Real Housewives: A Tattoo Of Your Husband's Name Won't Save You From Divorce


On last night’s episode, Tamra said that her husband Simon feels like she doesn’t love him, so in order to prove that she does, she got his name tattooed on her finger. Last month, he filed for divorce.

Oh, the irony. In the clip, Tamra says, “I heard a lot of times that as soon as you tattoo someone’s name on your body, you get divorced.”

Simon had one of his typical asshole reactions to her surprise for him.

Later, at Lynne’s housewarming party (at the house from which she was served an eviction notice by the end of the episode), Simon and Tamra got smashed on shots and cocktails. Tamra slurred something to Vicki about how she no longer wanted tension between her friend and her husband. Instead of burying the hatchet, Simon decided to start shit with Vicki about how she’s too involved in his marriage. Then, like the mature adult that he is, walked away, called her a “fucking bitch” behind her back, began trashing Vicki’s marriage with Don,and decided to go back for round two of fighting.

Simon is such a drama queen that claimed he was leaving the party—with his drink in hand—and then had a drunken, emotional moment outside with his wife before returning to the party.

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