Real Housewives: "It's Freakin' Hard To Live In Orange County"


On last night’s episode, a boozy, weekday afternoon for the gals went from jokes about vaginal tightness and big dicks to a tear-filled pity party about how hard it is to raise teenagers in a wealthy community.

At Alexis’ cooking demonstration party—which took place at 1:30pm on a weekday, when employed people (Vicki) are at work—things started off splendidly. Lynne was slamming back her champagne and wine, and joked about the tightness of her vagina, and slurred how hung her husband is.

The shit hit the fan when Gretchen brought up the topic of Lynne’s teenage daughter, which is a touchy subject for Lynne and actually none of Gretchen’s damn business. Lynne, who is usually the peacemaker of the group, told Gretchen to go fuck herself. See, Lynne, you didn’t need a face lift for confidence, when several glasses of wine can do that for you.

With so much drama in the O.C., it’s kinda hard being L-Y-double N-E.

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