Real Housewives: Plastic Surgery Makes Women "Be Better People"


On last night’s episode, Alexis’ mother flew in from Missouri for a brow lift. Alexis is a strong proponent of cosmetic surgery, as she believes that it allows women to “fall back in love with themselves and be better people.”

When Alexis had her breasts redone following her last pregnancy, her mother Penelope came out to help her recover, and the two women decided that Penelope would return for a procedure of her own. Initially, she was just going to get a brow lift, but she told the doctor that he should do everything he could within her budget ($13,000), so at the consultation, he recommended that in addition to the brow lift, she also get some upper eyelid surgery, some fat redistribution, and laser treatments below her eye.

In this clip, Alexis discusses why she feels that “preventative maintenance” is important to “inner beauty,” saying, “All women need to have a certain level of maintenance…It makes them happier. It makes them like themselves again.” Alexis admitted to having breast augmentation, Botox, Restylane in her lips, and veneers. For someone who’s so part of the God squad, it’s weird to me that she thinks that “spending so much money” on her appearance doesn’t constitute the deadly sin of “pride.”

She also explained that this is part of her “glitz and glam” lifestyle. Up to this point, I’d been under the impression that “glitz” involved flippers, hairpieces, spray tans, false lashes, and expensive dresses for young children competing in beauty pageants. Live and learn.

Here’s a montage of what Alexis used to look like.

Her mother went in for her surgery, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see the results.

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