Real(ity) America: Sarah Palin Pitches Show About Alaska


Apparently Sarah Palin‘s not busy enough with her book on “American virtues,” because she’s now pitching a reality show about Alaska. Our main question: will she star?

Palin and Survivor producer Mark Burnett began talking to networks yesterday about a show modeled after the Discovery Channel’s “Planet Earth.” But this one would focus on real Earth — Alaska. ABC has already passed on the show, and The Wrap’s Josef Adalian writes that the project “seems to lack the sort of big idea or hook generally needed for a broadcast network reality show.” This is certainly surprising given how full of concrete ideas Palin usually is, but apparently it’s not the only problem. Adalian also notes that “while Palin has a solid base of conservative fans, giving a possible 2012 presidential contender a primetime forum a year or so before campaigning is likely to begin for the GOP nomination could invite all sorts of headaches for a host network.” Despite this, CBS and Fox are apparently still listening. Maybe Palin and “Fox Hollywood” can join forces?

Adalian also says it’s not clear how much Palin and her family will be in the show. But they seem to be in training as TV stars, what with Bristol’s recently announced appearance on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and her mom’s comic stylings on the Tonight Show. The Palin clan also apparently descended “like locusts” on an Oscar gifting suite Wednesday, forcing it to open two hours early so they could snap up such treasures as jewelry, jeggings, and 40 pairs of headphones. Palin refused the interviews and photo ops that are the traditional quid pro quo for such swag, but she did plan to give her haul to charity — supposedly. Ted Casablanca and Whitney English of E! Online aren’t buying it, writing,

We’re sure she’ll get around to donating all her acquired goods to charity, right about the time she donates her wardrobe the RNC bought her. Remember that one? Even John McCain spilled that bit o’ benevolence never happened.

Now that Palin and her family know how to haul in free shit like real stars, they’re no doubt ready for their closeup. We certainly hope the reality show — which could find a home on cable if none of the networks bite — includes the increasingly deadbeat Levi Johnston. And, of course, a shark.

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