Republican Candidates' Wives Want You To Know That They Like Their Husbands


Have you met Anita Perry and Ann Romney? They’re married to two dudes running for President, and both of them would like you to know that it’s okay to vote for their thoughtful, sweater-wearing husbands. Trust them; they’re ladies.

Featuring a Mrs. Wannabe President in a campaign commercial is nothing new. Wives have been shilling for their husbands’ presidencial bids since babies have had kissable foreheads and cupcake frosting came in red, white, and blue. But even though it might seem a little silly for politicians to expect voters to rely on the testimony of the women contractually obligated to love them in deciding their votes, this move is not an accident, nor is it a coincidence.

Neither Romney nor Perry are in the lead right now; that title belongs to Newt Gingrich (or Ron Paul), and Newt won’t be making Callista Gingrich-centric commercials any time soon; the last thing Gingrich would want to draw attention to is his rocky marital history. Both Romney and Perry have been married for approximately 97 years apiece, and featuring their long term ladyfriends may be a subtle way to implore voters to think about Newt Gingrich’s serial wife leaving without explicitly “going negative.” Sneaky, boys. Very sneaky. But your wives seem like lovely people.

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