Republicans Boo Cori Bush for Telling the Truth


Freshman congresswoman Cori Bush did not wake up this morning, get out of bed, put on an exquisite maroon ensemble, and travel to her recently besieged place of work to mince words or spare feelings. Bush, who represents Missouri’s first district, spoke during Wednesday’s debate over the second impeachment of Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection last week.

In front of her Democrat and Republican colleagues, Bush firmly, succinctly, and without fear called the president a white supremacist who incited a white supremacist riot. Bush also called for white supremacy to be rooted out, wherever it may lay. Since the riot at the Capitol, Bush has been very vocal about expelling any GOP members who contributed to the event either by “[giving] tours to insurrectionists” or verbally cueing would be rioters to come to the Capitol.

For the simple act of speaking the truth, Bush was booed by some congresspeople in the room who either just outed themselves as white supremacists or white supremacy apologists.

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