Restaurant Comps Gay Newlyweds' Meal Just to Be Awesome

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A federal judge recently overturned Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban as unconstitutional*, and there was much rejoicing. One couple, though, got a nice surprise at the end of their post-marriage dinner.

When the news broke that Wisconsin would be (at least on this issue) joining the ranks of the non-dickwaffle states, Christopher Graham and Andrew Capelle headed to the downtown Milwaukee courthouse to get married immediately. Of course they did; you don’t want to chance another judge putting a stay on that ruling as has happened in other states. They then got dinner to celebrate — just like a straight couple might (imagine that)! When they got the bill at Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe, they got a nice surprise: their server informed them that the restaurant had comped their entire meal.

Because this is reality, I know there are people who will try to ruin what is an unequivocally good and happy story. So for anyone about to make some dumbass comment like “why do they get free food just because they’re gay”: as a server, I’ve seen straight newlyweds get items and entire meals comped multiple times. If a couple is super nice, clearly happy, and your managers are cool, sometimes its nice to give them free stuff because it makes everyone involved feel good. It’s not a universal practice, but it certainly isn’t an uncommon one.

Since I know the people who’d ask that first question will then turn to that timeless old chestnut “why is this news if it wouldn’t be for a straight couple,” because you’re the sort of idiot who thinks this argument isn’t an obvious homophobic dog whistle: it’s news because frankly, gay people being treated with some of the same niceness and courtesy straight people have been benefiting from for forever IS news. It doesn’t happen as often, and we should celebrate it when it does, so that we can get to the point where it actually will no longer be news.

Until then, we can’t hear your horseshit over the sound of our own celebrating.

*I legitimately pop a boner every time I think about how upset this fact is making Scott Walker and Paul Ryan right now.

Image via Ferenc Cegledi/Shutterstock.

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