RHOC Season 10 Is Over, But Brooks Ayers' Cancer Saga Will Never End


Sweet lordy lord, the Real Housewives of Orange County season ten is finally over and of course we still barely have answers to the many, many questions that were raised this year.

In the third of a three part reunion, which aired Sunday night, Andy Cohen and company focused on the question everyone really wants to know even though we all kinda already know the answer: Does Brooks Ayers really have cancer and how much did his girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson know?

Perhaps predicting the dumpster fire that was coming her way, Vicki admitted to taking half a bar of Xanax before the filming, which explains her eerie calmness and constant agreeability.

During the show, Tamra Judge told multiple stories about Brooks straight-up lying about his health, which Vicki did not refute. We also learned that Vicki never actually saw Brooks get chemotherapy—rather, she sat in the waiting room while he received his treatments.

There were also allegations that Brooks physically abused Vicki, which were corroborated by her daughter Brianna—who, aside from possibly Heather, is the only person I ever truly trust on this show—and Tamra.

We sort of got to the bottom of a few issues that came up repeatedly during the season. Andy showed footage from his interview with Brooks where they addressed the Newport Imaging document-gate, wherein, Meghan King Edmonds claimed that Brooks forged his PET scan documents. Shannon Beador came with her receipts printed and ready to call bullshit on Brooks’ explanation.

In what was maybe the most satisfying moment for the ladies, Vicki admits to flat-out making up a story about Terry Dubrow coming to her home to administer Brooks an IV while he was sick from chemotherapy or cancer or something.

Around the end of the reunion, Vicki is asked point blank if, in her gut, she believes that Brooks has cancer and she says no. It was posited that perhaps Brooks was sick—although not with cancer—at some point and that he embellished that illness to garner sympathy or screen time or god know’s what. This has always been the most believable theory in regards to this mess.

Just like a cockroach and a true Real Housewife, Brooks doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In another interview with E! News, Brooks claims that Vicki lied on the reunion about not believing that he has cancer and tries to explain his ridiculous comment about his cancer going down from stage three to stage two.

In a series that has seen so many truth-deniers and scammers, Brooks Ayers is perhaps the biggest snake oil salesman we have ever had the twisted joy of witnessing.

So yeah, Brooks continues to insist that he has cancer because really, what the hell else is he going to do? Admit that he lied about faking a terrible disease? Meanwhile, everyone else ends up at basically the exact same place where they started the season, i.e. not believing a word Brooks says.

MY GOD PEOPLE, IT’S FINALLY OVER. Andy Cohen, bravo (pun intended) on a truly insane season and for proving yet again that no matter how much you drive me crazy, you absolutely know what you’re doing. According to Bravo, this was the most-watched season in the history of the series.

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Screenshot via Bravo TV.

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