Rihanna and Her Boyfriend (!!!!) A$AP Rocky Took Their Love On the Road

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Rihanna and Her Boyfriend (!!!!) A$AP Rocky Took Their Love On the Road
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I understand that A$AP Rocky is the subject of this GQ cover story, but I’d like to draw your attention to some juicy little tidbits he sprinkled throughout about his relationship with his girlfriend, Rihanna!!!

To be clear, there have been rumors that Rihanna and Rocky were dating or doing something since maybe 2013. Neither has ever confirmed that they are Dating, but now, here we have Rocky being all cute and shit about his very beautiful girlfriend who makes decent brassieres and good music—a woman he calls the “love of his life” and “my lady.”

What’s it like to be in a relationship?
“So much better,” Rocky replies without hesitation. “So much better when you got the One. She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones.” New-world shit, indeed. Rocky is among our culture’s most unabashed ladies’ men, but he says he’s comfortable embracing monogamy: “I think when you know, you know. She’s the One.”

I love love! I also love the detail about how Rihanna and Rocky spent part of the pandemic doing a lil’ road trip, except instead of hopping in the car and panicking the entire drive like that one New York Times cartoon, they got a tour bus and drove from Los Angeles to New York City. Here are some details about this road trip, which, honestly, sounds great.

They listened to the Stones, the Grateful Dead, and Curtis Mayfield. They stopped in a few national parks. Rocky dropped acid and made his own clothes, beatnik-style—sewing, patching, and tie-dyeing shirts and pants on the bus.
When I ask Rocky whom he met while on the road, he takes a moment to think. “I met myself,” he says. One can understand why: Not since Sweden had Rocky had this much time for himself. And he’d never been able to be so free and unburdened while with his lady. “Being able to drive and do a tour without feeling like it was an occupation or an obligated job agreement, I feel like that experience is like none other,” Rocky recalls. “I never experienced nothing like it.”

Listen, who among us hasn’t been forced to contend with a man’s creative energy while under the influence of hallucinogens? Yes, perhaps your time with this specific sort of man was not on a tour bus and you were not Rihanna, but spiritually, the experiences are similar. Honestly, I am happy for Rihanna, though my happiness does not matter to her one whit. I’m also happy for Rocky, who is fine like a good wine, fashionable in a way that I can appreciate, and is also blessed with Rihanna!! Love is good when it’s good, and right now, I guess it is! [GQ]

There is one woman in America who has all the boiling hot Earl Grey on all the men, and it is Aubrey O’Day. Thankfully, she has not had to run her mouth about Donald Trump Jr. for a while now, but she does have a tiny cup o’ tea about some people. This time, she is out here saying that well, yeah, maybe Kim Kardashian and Travis Barker hooked up.

This information comes from her Instagram story from July 2020, and was brought to the light of day by Perez Hilton. Here is the meat of that pie:

“I was ‘bffs’ with Kim Kardashian during a fourth [of July]. She was hooking up with Travis Barker and we were at his house.. he was really dope,”
“Shanna his ex (who I love) supposedly was threatening to slash [Kim’s] tires (sorry girl but that was funny s–t, I would have too) so they asked her to park her car somewhere else,” the singer continued.
“we took off and went to some bs celeb Malibu parties where [Kim] desired to be photographed, and I had to run around house after house in an uncomfortable dress and high heels to appease that. She got all her photos with celebrities accomplished and we headed back to Calabasas.”

Not implausible! The rest of the post says that Audrey was bummed that Kim’s clout chasing led to them missing the fireworks, but eventually, Kim pulled over so that they could see “something REAL.” I suppose the actual issue with this story, if there is one at all, is that Travis Barker is now publicly touching Kourtney. Additionally, Shanna Moakler is claiming that she filed for divorce in 2008 after her ex-husband’s “affair” with Kim Kardashian. Publicly and privately, I have conceded that Travis Barker has an aura of hot around him that I cannot quite explain, but the photo Us Weekly chose to illustrate this news makes him look like a not-hot alien. If that’s what they want, I shall not yuck anyone’s yum. [Page Six]

Not sure what else to do with this, so I’ll leave it here.

  • A brief, breathless detail from Bennifer’s Revival: the rekindling of their romance started over the phone. Quaint. [Us Weekly]
  • Demi Lovato is now non-binary. [Peopl]
  • Sure, let Travis and Kylie rekindle their relationship. I am not invested, but maybe you are? [TMZ]
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