Rihanna Goes Out Partying For A Change, Smashes Glass Table

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Rihanna, God of Patron Shots and Cigarette Butts and Hangovers and General Chaos, almost got thrown out of a London nightclub after she supposedly jumped on a glass table, fell, smashed it and then started screaming “Don’t you know who I am?” when the doorman started kicking her out (which undoubtedly sounds less dick and more charming in a Bajan accent.) “That’s Rihanna, you idiots!!!” yelled her girlfriends. Eventually they left at 4 AM for another party, but not before they cavorted on someone else’s parked scooter.

For her part, Ri-Ri tweets:

If anyone can do it, she can.

[The Sun]

  • Former Bachelorette contestant Kasey Kahl pled not guilty to smashing a guy’s face in while supposedly high on paint thinner and how was YOUR night?[E! Online]
  • Evelyn Lozada, now estranged from her violent husband Chad Ochocinco Johnson: “I believe he loves me. I believe he needs to get help. He’s a good guy that made a bad choice. He loves football and he’s very driven and a great dad. He made a bad choice that destroyed his life, and I hate that I’m connected to that.” [ABC News]
  • Nigel Barker’s gleaming bald dome is not mad about being fired from America’s Next Top Model. [Page Six]
  • Swizz Beatz told Internet trolls to shut the fuck up about his wife Alicia Keys’ new look. [Page Six]
  • As if this summer wasn’t enough of a shit sandwich for Kristen Stewart, her parents are getting a divorce. [People]
  • Before hooking up with Conor Kennedy, Taylor Swift was “obsessed” with his family for years. This calls for a Lifetime movie in which Kennedy goes to college undercover as Peter Schmoogleschmidt-Normalperson to find out who really loves him for who he is. [Us Weekly]
  • Is Brit-Brit competent enough to testify in court? IDK IDK IDK. [The Sun Daily]
  • Jason Statham sent his girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley some ass pads for stunts or something. Romance? [The Mirror]
  • Right wing(nut) Victoria Jackson defended Todd Akin’s comments sensibly and effectively: “I know people, because I’m 53. I’ve know a lot of people, and I’ve actually never known anyone who got pregnant from being raped.” You heard it here first, guys, VICTORIA JACKSON KNOWS SOME PEOPLE. What an idiot. [HuffPo]
  • Christina Aguilera’s boyfriend Matt Rutler wants to propose but can’t afford a ring. [Bossip]
  • Seal slams Heidi Klum, who might be hooking up with her bodyguard, for “fornicating with the help.” This just in: Dude capable of writing “Kiss From A Rose” also capable of being giant spiteful snobby asshole. [TMZ]
  • Eva Longoria is opening a Vegas steakhouse “for the ladies.” No, but seriously, it is a woman-themed steakhouse, can we go? [NYDN]
  • Chace Crawford hung out with the Fierce Five and everyone made McKayla Maroney face and it was good. [Us Weekly]
  • Guys guys guys Bryan Cranston and Catherine O’Hara iz gonna be on 30 Rock. [HuffPo]
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