Rihanna Is Doing Great After That Scooter Incident

Rihanna Is Doing Great After That Scooter Incident
Image:Caroline McCredie (Getty Images)

Earlier this month, reps for Rihanna told gossip outlets that she had “flipped over on an electric scooter,” bruising her face and forehead. No major injuries were reported, and now she’s back on set in Los Angeles, filming something secret. If I believed in god, I’d tell her thank you.

SplashNewsOnline grabbed photos of the mogul wearing a silky blouse, stilettos, and some lingerie looking attire on set in LA. If I had to guess, it’s probably something to do with Savage x Fenty, her lingerie line, or Fenty Beauty, her cosmetics brand, considering she has made it abundantly clear that fans can expect no new music from her in the coming future. That’s ok! Take your time, Rihanna, I don’t mind waiting. Anti is more than enough to placate me for at least another century.

Anyway, there’s no real “news” to share, other than the very obvious fact that Rihanna is doing perfectly fine right now. And that should be enough!

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