Rihanna Is Fine With Anna Wintour Asking Whether She's Pregnant

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Rihanna Is Fine With Anna Wintour Asking Whether She's Pregnant

Rihanna isn’t mad at Anna Wintour for asking point blank if she’s pregnant, the answer to which we still don’t know and may never know until one day when she’ll fling open an oversized trench coat and out will march a small walking, talking version of herself, wearing the same trench coat.

As she told Extra at the launch party for her photo book:

“A lot of women get very defensive. It’s personal. It’s our bodies. And, of course, it’s our time. And it’s not necessarily everyone’s dream to be a mom, but it’s mine, so I’m fine. Anna just wants to know what the people want to know.”

For reference, Wintour asked Rihanna during a Q&A whether she hoped to have a baby soon. Rihanna sputtered a bit and said she doesn’t think about stuff like that. (LIE.) “God’s plan!” she said. ““I look forward to all of the pregnancy rumors after this interview.”

Travis Scott is either moving on really fast or he and Kylie Jenner are still on good terms, despite their recent split. In a new series of Instagram stories, their daughter, Stormi, dances while someone (Kylie? Not Kylie?) commentates off camera.

“Is that Daddy, Stormi?” the voice asks. “Be careful, baby. Don’t pause it.”

According to E! News, a source confirmed the voice does belong to Jenner, and that three spent Sunday together at her home in Calabasas:

“They got along well and were so happy being a family with Stormi,” the insider shares. “It looked like nothing has changed with them.”

In fact, it looks like they’re probably going to get back together after a month apart. “They are recovering from [their break] and are happy to spend time together again,” the source said. [E! News]

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