Rihanna's Blazer Dress Reflects the Duality of Humanity

Rihanna's Blazer Dress Reflects the Duality of Humanity
Image: (AP)

Rihanna unveiled her Fenty fashion line in Paris on Wednesday night, and now I’m budgeting away what I hope will be enough money to purchase one of these Fenty blazers-as-dresses, which Rihanna herself wore to the launch.

The blazer-as-dress reflects the duality of humanity, a reminder that Rihanna is eternal and omnipresent and knows the inside of your heart perhaps better than you. The outfit exudes confidence, a baller status, and an shakeable sense of having your shit together. Indeed, it was the perfect outfit for Rihanna to wear that night, to show attendees and anyone pouring over the photos today that she really is that bitch.

I mean, just look at this:


Business business business. But when you step away to get the full picture, you realize Rihanna is not wearing any tired blazer or common pantsuit; no, this is a hip-hugging dress with luscious long sleeves, a fitted waist, and a hemline that is just cute enough for a third date (when you let ‘em know that you’re not fucking around) and the board room (ditto).


As a person who is always looking for minimize the number of decisions I have to make around getting dressed in the mornings, I would absolutely buy one of these boss-bitch dresses because it creates a high-power look but notably involves only one item of clothing. It’s clearly very cute, but also highly functional, and I could see myself wearing this to a number of occasions: my ex’s funeral, a working lunch with my divorce lawyer and my book agent (I don’t have a lot of free time), the post office, my office which is the OVAL Office because I am the president.

On Wednesday night, Rihanna topped off the look with strappy see-through heels, an anklet (I’m here for it), a bright orange-red manicure, and a baby-blue pedi. The minimal details here are but supporting characters to the lead role of the half-blazer-half-dress. This outfit did its homework, didn’t take the job until the producers agreed for equal pay, and now is ready to sweep awards-show season. Take notes. If I know anything, knockoff looks will hit your friendly neighborhood H&M faster than you can promise yourself this is the last time you transfer money from your savings account to your checking.

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