RIP John Travolta's Bald Head

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RIP John Travolta's Bald Head
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For some time now, infamous wig-wearer John Travolta has been rocking a natural bald look, a welcome respite from the obvious toupees and hairplugs some of his fellow celebrities tend to turn to in an apparent effort to perpetuate Hollywood’s anti-bald agenda. Unfortunately, it appears Travolta is once again embracing hairpieces, and now the hair-challenged will have to find another soldier.

Dlisted reports:

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the news that after nearly a year with us, John Travolta’s bald head has unfortunately been covered up with a lace front.

But why?????

Of course, there’s a chance this is just a temporary setback. The reason for John’s return to fake hair was a Grease meet-and-greet singalong event in West Palm Beach, Florida on Friday. John dressed up as Danny Zuko, complete with a wig, and was joined by Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsson.

And here’s the lace front, in the, uh, flesh:

Drop the wig, John! Justice for the bald! Freedom for the hair-free! Or do whatever, it’s your head, I guess. [Dlisted]

Two years ago, I told my parents I would no longer come home for Christmas. This made a lot of sense, since by then I was already 28, and also we are Jewish. Still, we had our own traditions and they were sad to lose me, even on a holiday we do not celebrate. I imagine they, Kelly Ripa, and Mark Consuelos would have much to commiserate over, as the latter two are apparently quite sad that their kids might soon skip Christmas.

Us Weekly reports:

With son Michael, 22, and daughter Lola, 18, in college — and 16-year-old son Joaquin nearing the end of high school — Ripa, 49, and Consuelos, 48, are trying to savor every little moment with their children. The television couple told Us Weekly exclusively on Friday, December 13, that having a full house for Christmas is still “really special.”
“As the kids are getting older … we know that these holidays are going to be almost coming up on the last we can all kind of dictate where they spend their holidays and [will] have to share that with their new families,” the Riverdale star told Us.
The Live! With Kelly and Ryan host agreed, adding that the two of them miss the days where they could stay at home with their little ones to watch Christmas movies and bake cookies all day. “In the blink of an eye, your kids grow up and suddenly you are begging them to spend time with you,” Ripa teased.

Time comes for us all, even the famous. Maybe y’all can get Chinese food and see Little Women with my folks? [Us Weekly]

Presented without comment:

OK, fine, I have a comment: DAMN. [Instagram]

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