Rita Moreno Is 'Disappointed in Herself' for All That Stuff She Said About Colorism

She apologized on Twitter for her comments to Stephen Colbert on Late Night

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Rita Moreno Is 'Disappointed in Herself' for All That Stuff She Said About Colorism
Image:John Lamparsk (Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Rita Moreno defended the singing/rapping man Lin-Manuel Miranda over the chorus of criticism surrounding colorism in his 20-minutes-too-long musical extravaganza Into the Heights. No one was very pleased with Moreno OR Miranda, and now, Moreno has seen the error of her ways.

In a statement on Twitter, Moreno said that she is “disappointed in herself” for being dismissive of the “black lives that matter” in the Latinx community.

A decent apology from an 89-year-old legend who probably is actually sorry about what she said, and not just fake celebrity sorry. However, here is her follow-up.

Obviously, she’s going to applaud Miranda for his “sensitivity” and “resolve” to do better, which is fine. Lin-Manuel Miranda, an earnest musical man who started writing this thing 20 years ago, had what feels like enough time to make whatever adjustments were required, from the story to the casting, to be more inclusive? Like… if you are already doing the work to bring this unwieldy fantasia to life, then you might as well try to do a little more work. It’s not that this man isn’t smart—he went to Wesleyan, a college that I hear is hard to get into—but he is maybe, just maybe, a touch high on his own supply. Moreno, though. Yes. That’s who we’re talking about. Good work, Rita. Learn those new tricks. [People]

Yes, this is a meme account, and yes, I don’t know when or how this video of Luann de Lesseps confusing “special ed” with “phys ed” came to be, but having just caught up with the recent episode of RHONY, the specter that haunted me before I fell asleep last night was the Countess twirling a baton in a sequined jumpsuit. And so, here we are.

My guess is that this is a Cameo, and that the person who received this Cameo was and still is delighted that Luann de Lesseps made this mistakey. I am also delighted, because anytime Luann makes a mistake, I rejoice. [Page Six]

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