Roanoke Mayor Apologizes for Invoking Internment Camps, Didn't Know It Would Go Viral


On Wednesday, Roanoke Mayor David A. Bowers made it known that the Syrian refugee crisis made him think of Japanese internment camps and wouldn’t that be a good idea to revisit?

His comments obviously went viral, prompting calls for his resignation and a medium-swift, all-too-earnest apology on Thursday.

“I was thinking of the families of the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris and the threats to our nation’s capital city when I made that statement yesterday,” he said. “My statement was intended to be respectful, measured, and moderate in tone and substance. People here in Roanoke know that’s the way I try to handle things.”

Why did he say it? According to WSET reporter Annie Andersen, he didn’t think anyone would find out.

Haha, of course we would find out.

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