Rob McElhenney Says Growing Up With Two Moms Was 'a Pretty Great Gift'

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Rob McElhenney Says Growing Up With Two Moms Was 'a Pretty Great Gift'
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Some heartwarming pro-mom propaganda for your Mother’s Day Eve!

Rob McElhenney, who you probably know as the guy from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia who’s not Danny DeVito or those other two guys, recently opened up about how much he loves his moms, Helena McElhenney and Mary Taylor, who are featured in a new video produced by pro-LGBTQ+ media advocacy group GLAAD.

“I get asked a lot about what it was like to have two moms. The truth is that it was a pretty great gift,” said McElhenney in a statement to The Advocate when asked about the video. “By the standards of 1984 South Philadelphia, our upbringing was unconventional, but my brother, sister, and I were able to recognize early on that not every family looked exactly the same or like what we saw on television. Yet we had nothing but love and support and compassion and empathy. And I think that that allowed us to flourish.”

Love that for him! Love this in general! Give it up for moms! (Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. You are legally obligated to give it up for moms.) And watch Helena and Mary’s video below.

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  • Much to think about:

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