Roberto Cavalli, For The Acid-Dropping, Gold-Digging Hellcat In You


Milan fashion week wrapped up yesterday, and Cavalli was one of the last shows. For spring 2012, the designer wants us to wear a lot of gold. A lot. But also: Acid brights in kaleidoscope patterns and a splash of animal print. Sometimes all at once.

The jacket on the left magically matches everything in your wardrobe. The dress on the left is perfect for that discothèque Caligula just opened in Ancient Rome.

I quite like skydiving-esque chest straps, to be honest.

The gold and the animal print seem right out of a painting.

The jacket on the left is blinding in its horror, but the gold-accented tux on the right is hot.

Some ladies are into quiet simplicity, delicate patterns and notice-me-not-my-outfit designs. None of this is for them.

The first two are women on the hunt; the last one is just waking up from last night’s shenanigans.

Bodypart of the show: The clavicle.

These gowns could be in the dictionary under the word “slinky.”

Spring is obviously going to be a little wild.

Images via Getty.

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