Ron Artest Couldn't Change His Name To 'Metta World Peace' In Time For Dancing With The Stars


Yes, we’re all fully stoked to see Hope Solo, Kristin Cavillari, Ricki Lake, and, hell, even Nancy Grace work it on the ballroom dance floor. But one of the mysteries no one seems to be talking about (yet) is how Ron Artest’s name is still Ron Artest!

The Lakers player announced he’d be changing his name to “Metta World Peace” back in June, but he has too many parking violations to do it just yet. A court official told the LA Times, “Ron has to clear outstanding traffic warrants” before any name-change can take effect.

Ron didn’t seem too bothered by it in his interview on the cast announcement of Dancing With The Stars. After ripping off his shirt upon entering, he explained that while he’s excited, he’s a little nervous about the dancewear he’ll be outfitted in soon: “I’m gonna have to take it there, but I hope I don’t have to wear feathers or nothing like that.” Also note in the video how uncomfortable Elisabetta Canalis was speaking about her ex-boyfriend George Clooney and Nancy Grace’s prophetic words about her two-steppin’ talents: “they didn’t teach dancin’ in law school.”

Ron Artest isn’t Metta World Peace yet [LA Times Lakers Blog]
Congratulations If You Had “Metta World Peace” In The Ron Artest Name-Change Office Pool [Deadspin]

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