Rose McGowan Thinks #MeToo Is 'Bullshit,' 'A Lie, 'A Band-Aid'

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Rose McGowan is done with Hollywood, apparently. The Sunday Times interviewed McGowan and writes that she “swears she will never act again,” in order to remain critical of the industry. Not that she has any trouble doing that currently. “I just think they’re douchebags,” she says.

The “they” here seems to refer specifically to women. “I just think they’re losers,” McGowan says. “I don’t like them. How do I explain the fact that I got a GQ Man of the Year award and no women’s magazines and no women’s organizations have supported me?”

McGowan claims that she isn’t invited to #MeToo events like survivors’ brunches, but that she doesn’t want to go, either. “[I]t’s all bullshit. It’s a lie. It’s a Band-Aid lie to make them feel better,” she added.

I think holding the most visible leaders of the #MeToo movement accountable is a worthwhile endeavor if done in good faith. But I’m not sure what McGowan gets out of this tirade. Elsewhere in the interview, she says she agrees with Trump supports who call actors “faux liberals.” “It’s crap, and they know it is deep down, but they’re living an empty life, and to me that’s their punishment.” I hope McGowan is living the life she wants.

[Us Weekly / The Sunday Times]

The last time Iggy Azalea went on tour in the U.S., Barack Obama was president. We will just have to hold on to that memory because her upcoming North American tour is almost definitely canceled.

On Ticketmaster’s website, 17 out of 21 dates in Azalea’s “Bad Girls” tour are marked as cancelled. Variety reports that a “four-date tour” “does not seem likely.” Yeah, I’d agree with that assessment!

But why is this happening? It’s unclear, but we can glean some clues from CupcakKe’s Twitter, who says she left the tour because “the ones that put it together” reduced her pay by more than 90 percent:


The second-degree sexual assault and improper sexual contact charges filed against Michael Darby of The Real Housewives of Potomac have been dropped due to insufficient evidence. Darby was accused of groping a cameraman’s butt during filming in September. The office of Montgomery Country State’s Attorney said, “there were no witnesses who actually saw the incident.”

Darby’s attorney said: “The charges were dropped. They were baseless. There were a number of alleged witnesses who said it did not happen. The peace order request by the alleged victim was also denied. There was simply nothing that happened, and nothing here.”

His wife Ashley wrote the following on Instagram: “No charges filed. No arrest made. No Bravo suspension. No worries. We’ll keep you posted.”

[Us Weekly / Washington Post]

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