Roseanne Gets Stoned


Roseanne Barr hasn’t been shy about her stance on legalizing weed. On last night’s episode of Roseanne’s Nuts, she used her reality show as a platform to help normalize the issue and reduce some of the stigma surrounding pot. Roseanne has a medical marijuana license in California, prescribed to her for anxiety, and she went to apply for one in Hawaii, but learned that the qualifications are much different—and more stringent—in that state, and the drug is not prescribed for anxiety. Still, Roseanne qualified for a license because of her migraines, but also discovered that you have to wait three months for it to arrive in the mail and when you finally do get it, you actually have to grow the marijuana yourself. So instead of all that hassle, she flew back to L.A. for a few days and bought some pot cookies and chilled with one of her hippie friends.

Some unintentional hilarity: While Roseanne was talking with her son about her plans to get stoned, his kid’s D.A.R.E. certificate was hanging on the wall behind him.

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