Roseanne Makes Awful Joke About Being Assaulted By Bill Cosby

Roseanne is pretty much the best. Her show was great (all her shows were) and the woman has literally lived on a nut farm! But yesterday, Roseanne posted and deleted a photo that was not just uncool, it was downright offensive, making fun of both the Bill Cosby rape allegations and domestic violence.

Barr posted the above photo on Twitter yesterday and captioned it “tussle with Bill Cosby.” The tussle, of course, refers to the allegations that many women have made that Cosby drugged and raped them. And many found Roseanne’s joke and photo incredibly offensive, especially considering the instances of domestic violence and assault that have been reported just in the past few weeks. And because it really did look like Roseanne had been hit. When I first saw the photo, I actually gasped because it looked so awful.

Roseanne took the photo down and replaced it with another similarly graphic photo and stated the real reason for her swollen and bruised face: She had had a chemical peel. The caption accompanying the photo this time read
“Got a chemical peel to look more sexier. Joked about tussling cosby.”

Well, at least she thought better of it…and showed us the after of a chemical peel (something I may or may not have been considering getting but now never will), but considering how much influence celebrities have (yes, even Roseanne! She is still very popular in certain circles), it’s important that they think about what they post before they do. Because there’s really nothing funny about what Bill Cosby is alleged to have done.

Image via Twitter

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