Rosie Perez Hilariously Unamused by Romney's Claim that Latinos Have it Easier than White Dudes


When chortling rich bastard Mitt Romney gave his infamous “47%” talk to a room full of gajillionaire donors earlier this year, he also pointed out that if he had been born Latino, he’d have it easier than he has it now, as an oppressed white man. Actress and card-carrying Latina Rosie Perez was wholly unamused, and filmed this wholly amusing response response about how Mitt Romney’s “easier as a Latino” claims are TOTES TRUE because Latinos get ALL THE BREAKS.

Perez starts by commenting on Latinos’ long history of being overrepresented in American politics. For example, did you know that they’re 17% of the US population, but they only hold 2% of elected and appointed offices in this country? Damn ethnics with all their advantages! She also lists our proud tradition of elected Latino presidents — George (HOR-hay) Washington, and both Georges Bush. But why stop at the advantages given to Latino men? What if Romney were a woman? Or gay?

What a tragedy to be born a white man in this country, instead of a member of the exalted ruling class of lesbian Latinas.

Rosie Perez for President. Or should I say Presidente?


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