RuPaul Vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck On "Strong" Women


An out-of-drag RuPaul was on The View this morning and, while opining that the era of the bimbo is over, he managed to offend the delicate sensibilities of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The good news?

The audience sided with Ru. He posited that with Michelle Obama in the spotlight, there’s no room in this country for peroxide blonde airheads. “It’s okay for a woman to be smart again,” he said. “We have a strong, incredible woman in the White House.” Naturally, Hasselbeck had to quibble and nitpick and say that Laura Bush is strong, too… But when RuPaul asserted that history will prove that Michelle Obama is the strongest we’ve ever had, applause erupted. Clip above; fantasy in which a flawlessly madeup bewigged, high-heeled RuPaul kicks Hasselbeck’s ass? Only in my head.

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