Rush Limbaugh Thinks The Polar Vortex Is a Liberal Hoax, Naturally


Oh Jesus Christ. In news I couldn’t make up if I was four days into an Ambien and LSD-induced fugue state, fucking Rush Limbaugh thinks the polar vortex that has basically been making your life a living hell is a Liberal hoax.


On his show on Monday, the talk show host acknowledged that the country has indeed been experiencing record-breaking cold temperatures. However, he blamed the media for making up the underlying reasons for it:

“Because they’ve got to find a way to attach this to the global warming
agenda, and they have. It’s called the ‘polar vortex.’ The dreaded
polar vortex…”
“Do you know what the polar vortex is? Have you ever heard of it?
Well, they just created it for this week,” he said. “They’re in the
middle of a hoax, they’re perpetrating a hoax, but they’re relying on
their total dominance of the media to lie to you each and every day
about climate change and global warming.”

Hmm, well seems like he maybe could have a point, said no one sane anywhere ever. But in just case you’re trying on your “lemme give everyone the benefit of the doubt” hat on, the Huffington Post tracked down a legitimate real weather expert (and not just, you know, some asshole rambling about bullshit he knows nothing about) to clear things up. Senior AccuWeather meteorlogist Bernie Rayno said the term isn’t something we all just pulled out of our asses for shits and giggles—it’s actually been used for decades:

“We’ve been using the name in this field for — I’ve been in this
field for 25 years, this isn’t anything new,” he said. “Usually
meteorologists would never even use that term because people wouldn’t
understand it.” In response to Limbaugh’s dismissal of the term, Rayno had this to say:
“Now, any time anybody tries to have a debate, it turns into being
politicized,” he said. “Whenever you politicize something, you
contaminate it.”

Politicizing vital issues like weather and the environment “contaminates” them. You don’t say?

Listen to him babble like an asshole and get OWNED here:

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