Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Healing


For the second time in two months, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is “up and working” after a health scare, this time at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Just last month, Ginsburg was “up and working” after falling and fracturing three ribs; now, she’s recovering from lung cancer surgery.

According to the Associated Press, court spokesperson Kathy Arberg confirmed that Ginsburg is currently recuperating from surgery, and is still hospitalized for the time being, after doctors surgically removed two malignant tumors from her left lung on Friday. In a post-surgery statement, doctors said “there was no evidence of any remaining disease,” and “no further treatment is planned.” It is unclear how long Ginsburg, who has previously beaten cancer twice, will spend in recovery at Sloan Kettering.

It is noteworthy that the cancer nodules were discovered after Ginsburg’s fall, so one might consider that particular first incident some sort of divine intervention. Still, if Netflix were to commission me A Christmas Wish film of my very own, the plot would center on my holiday desire to live in a world where much of democracy’s and my personal wellbeing did not hinge on the health of an 85-year-old, but alas.

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