What Chiropractor? Shawn Mendes Is ‘Running Errands’ With Sabrina Carpenter Now

The two singers were spotted together just a week after he was out and about with his 51-year-old chiropractor-slash-rumored girlfriend.

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What Chiropractor? Shawn Mendes Is ‘Running Errands’ With Sabrina Carpenter Now
Photo:Vivien Killilea / Theo Wargo (Getty Images)

If two celebrities take a walk and there are no paparazzi around to capture it, did they really take a walk at all? Shawn Mendes seems to be on a quest to answer this philosophical inquiry, as he has now been spotted with singer-actor Sabrina Carpenter just one week after he was photographed yet again with his chiropractor and rumored girlfriend, Jocelyne Miranda. According to Page Six, paps captured Mendes and Carpenter taking a stroll over the weekend, sparking some pretty enticing dating rumors: The two were running errands together, closing the gap of their significant height difference with smitten glances and wide grins. Sounds like third base to me.

I know what you’re thinking: What’s so intriguing about two young, famous people potentially getting together? It’s certainly more likely than seeing snow in LA, and yet this week, we appear to have been given both! Carpenter, 23, is at least chronologically more suitable for the 24-year-old Mendes than, say, his 51-year-old chiropractor—which might just be his motive for going on a walk conveniently within the photographers’ gaze. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think the spark between Mendes and Carpenter is real (musicians, amirite?), but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the public appearance was a ploy to swat at Mendes’ more eyebrow-raising dating rumors.

Mendes and Carpenter’s dating histories have independently been fairly dramatic: Mendes endured much speculation about dating his best friend and collaborator Camila Cabello before the two finally went public in 2019. They broke up in November 2021—even though Mendes has admitted that every song he’s written is about Cabello. Sigh.

Carpenter, on the other hand, was caught in the eye of a teeny bopper storm when she was suspected to be the third party in the much-discussed Olivia Rodrigo-Joshua Bassett split, which famously inspired Rodrigo’s hit single “driver’s license.” While Carpenter is still occasionally linked to Bassett, he seems to be on his own journey with Jesus.

If the rumors are true, Carpenter and Mendes could make for a pretty fiery duo, and I, personally, would not be opposed. Carpenter’s habit of making overt sexual references in her songs would make Mendes adorably embarrassed, I think.

As a lover of drama, I always secretly wished that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran would date just to see what their breakup albums would sound like, but this might be as close as it gets. But I digress; these are just photos of the two running errands. I’m getting ahead of myself—though I’ll never say no to a new heartbreak anthem or two.

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