Sad and Depressing Life of Jenna Ryan Now Sadder and More Depressing

Sad and Depressing Life of Jenna Ryan Now Sadder and More Depressing

Wannabe dissident and coup cosplayer Jenna Ryan, who notoriously took a private jet to the insurrection, has been stripped of her PayPal account, which she had been her primary source of legal defense funding, according to Business Insider. The Feds charged her on January 15 with “knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority” and “disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds,” with the “intent to impede, disrupt, or disturb the orderly conduct of a session of Congress” for the events on January 6. In a now widely publicized video, she shouted: “Y’all know who to hire for your realtor. Jenna Ryan for your realtor.”

In a statement to Business Insider, PayPal doesn’t explicitly say her participation in the widely dubbed “insurrection” was the reason for her account’s closure. But the Feds sniffing about her personal life certainly can’t help matters for the platform:

“PayPal thoroughly reviews accounts, and if we learn that funds are used for anything other than legal defense, the account will be subject to immediate closure. We can confirm that the account in question has been closed.”

BI also reports that Ryan had posted on Twitter this week asking for donations, after similar crowdfunding apps had denied her access. The below tweet has since been deleted:


In a follow-up tweet, BI reports that Ryan wrote: “The truth of the matter is that Q was correct. Evil people will have their day. God’s timing is perfect.” Who’s going to tell her?

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