Sailor Moon in English is Back, This Time With Lesbians

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American anime distributor Viz has announced that they have obtained the rights to both the upcoming Sailor Moon: Crystal series and the original 90s classic Sailor Moon. The classic series will be broadcast, uncut, on Hulu in both Japanese and English.

Viz made the announcement this weekend at Anime Central, an anime and Japanese culture convention near Chicago, Illinois.

The previous licensor of Sailor Moon, DiC, received great criticism for its decisions to substantially alter key parts of the plot in order to make the series more palatable to television standards in the United States and Canada. This criticism continued when later seasons were licensed by Cartoon Network for its Toonami line up. A significant criticism was the elimination of the romantic, even sexual, subtext between two female characters, Tenou Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and Kaioh Michiru (Sailor Neptune).

The subtitled version will air starting this Monday with episodes to come every week. The English dubbed version will air later in 2014.

Video via Viz/YouTube.

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