Salahis Inexplicably Feel "Vindicated" By Footage That Clearly Shows Their Guilt


Last night’s season finale of RHODC showed the Salahis passing the first security checkpoint at the White House, even though their names were not on the list. Oddly, on Watch What Happens, the couple said this footage completely exonerates them.

In the clip below, the Salahis arrive at the White House, where their limo—after being stopped by security—is not granted access. The couple then gets out and walks to another checkpoint, where a woman working the door cannot find their names on the list. The Salahis seem cool about it, act like they belong, and make a joke about how Michaele’s name is often misspelled. The woman admits that the event is running late, and allows the Salahis to pass through, saying she’ll have people at the next security checkpoint “figure it out.” (Something like that would never have happened at a People’s Revolution event. And if it did, Kelly Cutrone would’ve handed that girl her ass. It’s sad that fashion shows have a higher level of security than the White House.)

On her Bravo blog, Michaele again insisted that allegations about crashing the party are false, saying, “We publicly revealed some of our emails from a White House Defense Department liaison to substantiate the fact that we were led to believe that we were 100% invited and welcomed at the state dinner.”

That’s not true. In the emails, it clearly states that there is no way that they will be able to get into the state dinner, but that they might have the slightest possibility of being allowed into the arrival ceremony, that it wasn’t likely.

The day after the event, Tareq emailed the liaison Michele Jones, telling her that he didn’t receive her voice mail—in which she told them definitively that they would not be able to attend—because his cellphone battery died. However, in the clip above, he mentions that he switched out his battery for the one in Michaele’s phone.

Also in the clip above, Tareq mentions that his cellphone battery was dying, so he switched out the battery with Michaele’s phone in order for his phone to work.

Given what’s been learned about the Salahis in recent months, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that they have a way of interpreting and spinning events and facts in a way that contradicts the truth. But it’s nonetheless fascinating to watch people who have such a disconnect with reality—on a reality show. These people, and their behavior, has been documented on camera, but they still don’t see any contradictions between the truth and their own claims.

For example, the couple has said that their contract with Bravo prohibited them from speaking about the White House state dinner. If that’s the case, then why did Bravo agree to film Stacie and Cat’s confrontation of the couple, which was planned in advance? It seems, in the clip below, that Tareq was open to a discussion, but that Michaele cut him off. Eventually, the couple fled out the back door, without saying goodbye.

More bizarre was that during their appearance on Watch What Happens last night, the Salahis said that they finally feel vindicated after the finale episode aired. In fact, they loved it. They think that the events that were featured on the show proves that they were invited to the White House.

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