Sam Accuses Lindsay Of Siccing Paps On Her; Jay Pushes Conan Out At NBC

  • Last night Samantha Ronson got pissed when the paparazzi followed her to a tattoo parlor in L.A. with her stepbrother Alexander Jones. “Why are you here?” Sam asked. “She told you to come here? She told you to come here?”

The paparazzi brought up Lindsay Lohan spending time with DJ Jus Ske in Miami and Lindsay’s recent Tweet about “Lohan mayhem.” Sam responded: “You know I don’t follow her on Twitter so I don’t know. Have a good night.” [Perez]

  • Michael Lohan will fight aspiring actor Derek Macintosh during a press conference for Celebrity Boxing 16 on January 15 in Philadelphia. Kate Major will act as referee. [Radar]
  • Jay Leno‘s show will go on hiatus on February 1 for the Olympics and when he returns he’ll be back in his 11:30 pm time slot. It hasn’t been decided if Jay’s show will be a half hour or an hour, it looks like Conan O’Brien may be fired. [TMZ]
  • The LAPD obtained search warrants against Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila in December following Johnson’s arrest for allegedly stealing clothing and jewelry from her ex-girlfriend Jasmine Lennard. According to a police affidavit, they found stolen items in both women’s homes. Lennard called the cops after she saw Casey wearing her dress on the red carpet with Tila by her side. [TMZ]
  • In a blog post this morning Tila Tequila said Jasmine Lennard ruined their lives when she reported the robbery. Lennard responded to the profanity-laced post with a cease and desist letter. [TMZ]
  • Tila Tequila is dealing with Casey Johnson‘s death by posing for bizarre photos outside her house today and sitting in a tree. [Celebuzz]
  • Tila also filmed a goodbye message to Casey for Radar Online. “I love you so much, I miss you so much,” Tila says. “Your love is right here with me.” [Radar]
  • Artie Lange of The Howard Stern Show tried to kill himself with a 13-inch Wolfgang Puck Kitchen knife. He stabbed himself nine times at his apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey. His mother found him bleeding on the floor and called an ambulance. [Radar]
  • Source say Sirius XM is planning to let Artie Lange go once he’s in stable condition. Also, Dr. Drew Pinsky visited Artie at his request. [Perez]
  • A judge has agreed to hear the motion to modify Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller‘s protection order on January 20. They want to be allowed to contact each other so they can work on their marriage. [TMZ]
  • The judge did not however grant Charlie Sheen‘s request to participate in a February 8 hearing by phone, so he’ll have to make the trek back to Aspen. [TMZ]
  • In court today Stephanie Pratt‘s DUI charges were dropped because she agreed to plead no contest to one count of misdemeanor “exhibition of speed.” She was sentenced to three years informal probation, completion of a 12-week alcohol education program, three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week for eight weeks, and a fine. [Perez]
  • A local Orlando TV station obtained the police radio transmissions from Tiger Woods‘ car crash. The dispatcher says at one point, “Be advised the vehicle hit the pole, the person’s on the ground.” [Radar]
  • According to court documents, Jayson Williams is being charged with two counts of drunk driving for crashing his car on Tuesday. A witness told the police he saw Williams drive his car, “in an unsteady and abrupt manner, in that the vehicle crossed four lanes of oncoming traffic and crashed into a tree on the sidewalk.” [TMZ]
  • Gary Coleman has been released from the hospital after suffering from what he calls a “little seizure activity.” [TMZ]
  • Using recent bikini pictures as evidence, Star has declared that Rachel Zoe is “skin and bones,” but we’ll not engage in such body snarking here. [Star]
  • Apparently Jay-Z is a fan of the British show The X Factor. He told Simon Cowell, “If you need any help for the next series, let me know man and I’m your judge. There is a lot of untapped hip hop talent in the UK and if they want my help finding some for the final 12 I am sure I could assist. Just try and make it the same weekend Arsenal are playing in London, that would really help me out man.” [The Sun]
  • Hayden Christensen‘s brother Tove was sentenced this week to 20s of community service and three years of probation after pleading “no contest” to misdemeanor battery for dragging his girlfriend down the street. TMZ]
  • Keanu Reeves‘ lawyers asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit from the woman who claims Reeves fathered her four children. He already took a DNA test that proves he’s not related to the children. [ABC 15]
  • Aaron Carter invested in the Florida pizza restaurant Slice. He promoted it on Twitter saying, “The first five fans to show up at Slice and find me, will get MY favourite combo, The ‘#1‘ haha I wonder what the first fan will get??” [Perez]
  • Tori Spelling is writing a third book called unchartered terriTORI. [People]
  • Pamela Anderson told friends she’s no longer dating electrician/surfer Jamie Padgett and they spent the holidays apart. He explained, “I did not go to London with her over the holidays as I was doing my own thing – it’s up to her to say if we are dating or not. I’m sure I will see her when I see her.” [Radar]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow got into a fender bender in London and was photographed surveying the damage with the other driver. [Radar]
  • Keyshia Cole is expecting her first child with Daniel “Boobie” Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Her rep adds, “I can confirm she is engaged and has an incredible ring.” [Us]
  • Liv Tyler was spotted leaving a movie theater with Sons of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam. Are they together? [Perez]
  • Among the “five things to know” about Rihanna’s new beau Matt Kemp: His nickname’s “The Bison.” [People]
  • Carrie Underwood will appear on an episode of How I Met Your Mother as “Tiffany, an enigmatic pharmaceutical sales rep and love interest for Ted.” [People]
  • Mario Lopez will co-host the 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. He says, “I’ve been doing my research and checking out some of the world’s top dog shows, so I’m well prepared on show day. I can’t wait to be a part of the Super Bowl for canines!” [Extra]
  • A song from Usher‘s upcoming record called “Fooling Around” about a man who cheats on his spouse has leaked online. “Some kinda way my Usher record ‘Fooling Around’ got leaked,” said producer Jermaine Dupri. “If you follow me on Twitter you know I don’t condone leaking records. So basically I been down about it all night …” [MTV]
  • Taylor Swift and her mom gave Taylor Lautner a standing ovation when he won a People’s Choice award last night, but otherwise they did not interact at the show. [E!]
  • RHOOC‘s Tamra Barney‘s husband Simon has filed for divorce. He’s accusing her of verbal abuse and infidelity. [Radar]
  • Jessica Biel, Emile Hirsch, Alexandra Cousteau, and other celebrities began their climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro today to raise awareness and money for the global water crisis. [People]
  • The Daily News says that like Nicole Kidman at the premiere of Nine, Keith Urban showed up to the People’s Choice Awards with too much power on his face. Do you see it? [NYDN]
  • Sandra Bullock says she’s ready for a break. “I don’t want to open anything and read anything right now,” she says. “I’m enjoying too many other things in my life. Once you get a project, it’s a lot of time out of your life. I don’t want to leave home right now.” [People]
  • Pete Wentz and Mark Hoppus did a song together for Tim Burton‘s Alice In Wonderland. Wentz says they, “Might do a few more depending on when [Mark] goes in with Blink. [It] sounds nothing like Blink or Fall Out Boy. Mark understands songwriting on a completely different level. It’s awesome to have a chance to sit in a room with him and watch him work out a melody.” [MTV]
  • In an interview with Details, Ke$ha declares that she got her first tattoo from “this guy” in Cuba who offered to ink her for $5. Sounds sanitary! She also reveals, “I went to a club opening with Katy Perry about a year and a half ago. I saw David Spade, and I always thought that he was, like, so sexy in Joe Dirt. I just think rednecks are so hot. So I was like, ‘Oh, my God, this is my big chance! He’s, like, my No. 1 if-I-could-I-would. David Spade, let’s do this’ But then he kind of brushed me off, and I was like, ‘Oh, hell no.’ So I stole his bottle of whiskey and ran to the bathroom, and then they came and found me and threw me out.” [Details]
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