Samuel L. Jackson to Use String of Expletives to Urge Americans to Vote for President Obama


This isn’t a setup for a hilarious joke; it’s the goddamn truth — the same SuperPAC that brought us that ad where Sarah Silverman offered to scissor Sheldon Adelson in a bikini bottom is behind a new ad that will show Samuel L. Jackson doing what he does best: dropping F bombs.

The ad will urge voters to “wake the fuck up” and vote for the incumbent. According to the New York Post, the spot is supposed to hearken Jackson’s turn as narrator on the beloved children’s book on tape “Go the Fuck to Sleep.” Or, you know, every movie Samuel L. Jackson has ever been in. Including the three bad Star Wars movies. He was swearing under his breath the whole time during those.

Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of fruitful career providing voiceover talent to political ads. I am tired of all these motherfucking Republicans in the motherfucking House of Representatives.


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