Sarah Palin Buys Arizona Home, Will Keep Bristol From Becoming Slutty Liberal


Sarah Palin has reportedly purchased a million-dollar house in Arizona. Clearly, this means she’s keeping tabs on the wayward Bristol.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Palin has purchased a $1.695 million home on 4.4 acres in North Scottsdale, AZ. Today is apparently a day for real estate descriptions: the Journal reports that the house “has a home theater, billiard room, walk-in wine room and ‘resort style backyard’ with a gazebo and pool,” as well as “several fireplaces, a six-car garage and mountain views” and “a circular driveway and desert landscaping.” Presumably it also doesn’t have Joe McGinniss living next door, which must be priceless.

Some speculate that Palin wants to use Arizona as a base for a presidential run, especially since documentarian Stephen Bannon is about to release a movie about how great she is. But there’s another, juicier interpretation: she wants to keep Bristol from becoming a left-leaning loose woman. According to Perez Hilton (and, I mean, consider the source), Bristol’s now dating her Dancing With the Stars costar Kyle Massey, and also maybe supports gay marriage. The Massey rumors were apparently sparked in part by news that Bristol will live with him and shoot a reality show for the BIO channel, which obviously means marriage and sextuplets are just a few episodes away. An anonymous source claims,

Sarah is furious at Bristol for going so quickly from man to man. She is doing her best to prevent Bristol’s new relationship from being featured in the reality show. Bristol told Sarah: ‘Back off and let me lead my own life!’ She doesn’t agree with her mom’s politics or her controlling ways.

Nobody’s coming out and saying that Palin’s mad at her daughter for having an interracial relationship, but that seems to be a subtext here. Of course, another source claims that Bristol and Massey aren’t dating, and are just reality-show housemate buddies. Whatever the case, the show’s filming in LA, so Bristol will still have plenty of opportunity to get out from under her mom’s thumb. And after several years of being the poster child (and mom) for her family’s views on abortion and teen pregnancy, she certainly deserves it.

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